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Mark Clattenburg Guest columnist Mail Online blamed referee Anthony Taylor and VAR supervisor Peter Banks for their dismissal of Vladimir Schufal Gong. After West Ham left the field with a penalty, Arsenal made a mistake, should have been more precise.

‘ The Hammer ‘ left with 10 people losing game R. Arsenal 0-2 yesterday minute 67. When  his Falkirk plug the page and then hit the ball skidded across to Alexandre Masson at La Sainte Matt fell in. Box Referee Taylor issues a second yellow card as a red card to the away team back.


However, the former pao Clattenburg Seen as a wrong judgment. And the inexperienced VAR controller, Banks, should signal to the black shirts on the field to look at the review again rather than leave it at all.

“ We had penalties and the VAR decision, the problem happened last weekend. Then again in Arsenal ‘s game it was a mistake. No doubt about that. ” Clattenburg Start commenting.

” Vladimir was held Falkirk defender West Ham slot extracting win ball from Alexandre Masson at La Sainte West. It is to be taken wisely. good extraction plug Does he deserve a penalty ?”   

” Officer V AR P. Terry Bankstown signaled to referee the main Taylor to review the monitor sidelines as stroke penalty or a second yellow card for  holding Falkirk – Okay, the West. Ham saved the penalty but they have 10 men left. ” 

“ Banks have a weak experience for being Control V AR , he was anxious to be a nuisance to Taylor, one of the oldest judge of the Champions League . ” 

“ Taylor has made a mistake and made a repeat of the mistake by VAR that should change the verdict. ” 

“ It was clearly a mistake. That’s the reason why VAR is needed. I do not believe Banks are advised Taylor to review the verdict . ” 

A defeat at the Emirates Stadium left West Ham stagnant 28 points, losing top four to Arsenal .