“Erik ten Hag”, the perfect agent and the most terrible of United

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Should a manager change happen, Erik ten Hag is the one manager best suited to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s succession.

Liverpool‘s crushing 0-5 defeat at Kaold Trafford was where it all became clear. United’s performance at the start of the season has been disappointing enough. The team still depends on the star players to carry the team with great ability. And the ability of the Red Devils in the current team still lags behind rivals Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea. This can be seen from the expression of frustration and frustration of the fans. After the first half in the red-hot game.

Both the media and fans are skeptical about the tactics of manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, as well as the question of “who” is the right fit to pick up the hot taro. And this hot chair is the next if he really gets laid off.

Among the debate by a list of many famous managers Whether it’s Zinedine Zidane, Antonio Conte, who can’t catch up because Ole manages Nuno first. Until Conte hit the Spurs They have already cut off (ha), including Brendon Rodgers.

But the name “Erik ten Hag” might just be another perfect candidate to replace. These names are all on the list that would be perfect for taking the reins instead of Solcha.

Only if it was Ten Hag, United would probably have to ‘wait’ another year to get him at the end of the season because Ten Hag would likely never leave Ajax mid-season. sure

But this manager looks interesting and “worth the wait” too.

And here are five reasons why Ten Hag could be the man who could lead United back into a great team.