Araujo apologizes to Espanyol for making a mocking gesture

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Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo admits his mistake And apologize to everyone at Espanyol for their inappropriate actions.

Araujo, who started the game and was substitute off the field at half-time. It was capture on live camera while on the side bench. And raise two fingers when giving to the rival football fans. It is a mockery that Espanyol, the rival ufabet team in Barcelona. Prepare to be relegate from La Liga at the end of this season.

Previously, Xavi Hernandez, the Barca trainer, apologized instead of the inappropriate behavior of the team and the latest Uruguay national team centre-back. It shows responsibility for their own expressions. “I would like to apologize to Espanyol, everyone, for the bad deeds. Mine last night,” Arao-ho posted on Instagram. “It’s all a result of the tension that arises during the derby. I see myself as someone who respects fans and opponents. That’s why I feel bad about what happened.” For Sunday’s derby, Espanyol unfortunately miss the win as Barcelona equalized in the 90+6 minute from Luc de Jong, while the hosts were sent off by two and The visiting team was hit by 1 person.

Coach Xavi Hernandez also apologised for Araujo‘s gesture in his press conference after the game, despite indicating that he hadn’t seen anything.